Stratford is home to the Olympic Park and one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, making it a great spot to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon (if you can find one of those lying around at this time of year! :)). Both inside and outside of Westfields, the area offers a familiar choice of chain restaurants such as Nandos, GBK and Pizza Hut (or Pizza Express, if you prefer) – but you’ll also find less familiar faces for dinner out on the high street, such as Steakout and HS&Co Abbiocco, to cap off your day of sightseeing and shopping.

  • Food - 6/10
  • Ambiance - 7.5/10
  • Service - 7/10
  • Value for Money - 6/10


HS&Co Abiocco is a jack of all trades restaurant offering a range of different meals, from steaks, pastas, pizzas and burgers. While it has something for everyone, the quality isn’t as strong as you’d hope.

Price range: ££
Telephone: 020 8555 3322
Address: 405 High St, London E15 4QZ
Nearest Station: Stratford

Out of the two more interesting choices I opted for HS&Co Abbiocco as we were a group of four, and their menu had a range of options for all of us. On entry you’ll see that the restaurant is well decorated; muted colours are used and in combination with the dimly light chandeliers hanging off the ceiling, it makes for a great setting for a meal and conversation with your family or friends. You won’t be distracted by blinding lights or loud music here.

For starters we shared garlic bread, beef chorizo croquettes and two portions of HS&Co Wings (one with garlic and paprika flavouring, the other with honey and jam) between ourselves. The starters tasted well, but we found them fairly small – especially the wings, which did not have a lot of meat on the bone. Even if the starters went down well, the value for money here isn’t strong and that became apparent quite quickly. Based on my experience I would say skip the garlic bread, as it is fairly plain and doesn’t add much to your meal; go for more flavorful options such as the beef chorizo croquettes or flavoured wings.

Starters & Drinks

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The wings in particular were very tasty and I’d highly recommend the garlic and paprika flavouring which went down well with the group. I found the honey and jalapeno wings a bit of an odd combination but went along with it! If you have a penchant for spicy food then you also have the option of Ghost Chill wings available – but I’ll leave that up to you! The beef chorizo came on a bed of sweet pepper jam which added an extra layer of flavour. The restaurant had an array of drinks available too but from the strawberry mocktail my friend purchased, I wouldn’t say they looked worth it either. 

Sirloin steak, french fries, vegetables and gorgonzola sauce
Sirloin steak, french fries, vegetables and gorgonzola sauce

Against my own advice, I ordered a medium rare sirloin steak. I find that, unless it’s at an established steak restaurant, you’re better off spending the money on a bigger and more expensive cut and cooking at home. The best steak restaurant that I’ve been to in London has probably been at Flat Iron – but that’s another review, so follow @planandeat or my page to see it when it comes out! And while my steak at HS&co was cooked as desired, I should have stuck to my own advice! It was a little on the smaller side, and tasted fairly average. My side of french fries and veg were absolutely fine – they added a nice crunchy texture which completed my soft steak, but this meal didn’t have anything special going for it in terms of taste. One of my friends ordered the Pollo alla Milanese, which is a bread crumbed and fried fillet of chicken, served with the same option of sides as the steaks. The fillet was actually quite a good size, but my friend described it as plain – which is how my eyes saw it as well. Another friend ordered the Arrosticini which are rosemary and garlic flavoured lamb kebabs, served with roasted veg or potatoes – and I think he was the real winner here!

Pollo alla Milanese
Pollo alla Milanese

All in all, HS&Co offers a relaxing, modern and comfortable atmosphere and range of options in terms of food. It is a decent spot for a group of picky eaters who can’t settle on one restaurant, but I’d describe it as a jack of all trades and master of none in terms of food. We were warmly greeted, and our waiter was great, but found the restaurant a little on the expensive side overall while the food and value for money weren’t as strong.

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