Out and about in central London on a sunny day, my friends and I came across Antalya Restaurant near Russell Square. Central London doesn’t seem to have many Turkish restaurants, however, this restaurant stands out in an area full of various cuisines and is a good shout if you’re visiting by to the British Museum.

  • Food - 8/10
  • Ambiance - 7.5/10
  • Service - 7.5/10
  • Value for Money - 7/10


If looking for Turkish food around the Euston area, pop by to Antalya Restaurant.

The outside of the restaurant is very welcoming with a big yellow bold sign of the restaurant name alongside plants in a symmetrical layout. Walking in you are greeted with Turkish designed patterns on the walls and ceilings, along with brown leather seating. A bar is available in the centre of the floor with many seating and spacing.


With 13 years of experience, Antalya Restaurant recently went through new management, so let’s see how the food tastes like.


For starters, we ordered Hummus as Turkish restaurants generally provide complimentary bread, Cacik, olives and salad. The bread provided was quite hard as if they provided us stale bread, however, the hummus was tasty. We also ordered Patlican Ezme which was chopped smoked aubergine with tahini sauce.

Hummus & Patlican Ezme
Hummus & Patlican Ezme


My friend and I both decided to order a standard Turkish meal such as the Chicken Shish which came after 20minutes of waiting. The restaurant was slightly busy, so it was a bit understandable for the waiting period.

Chicken Shish
Chicken Shish

The portion size was slightly smaller than other Turkish restaurants I’ve been too in my local area, however, it was decent enough to fill up me. The plate came with five large pieces of chicken shish, a piece of pitta will chilli and tomato. Biting into the chicken, there was a lot of flavour oozing out. Mixed with the rice, there was a lot of taste which I enjoyed. Chicken shish generally have similar flavours and this did not disappoint.

Pricing of the Chicken Shish is quite steep, coming at a price of £15.50. Due to the portion size, I wouldn’t suggest this is value for money in comparison with other Turkish restaurants from the local area of Green Lanes.

As we were in a rush to go to our next event, we did not get a chance to try out desserts or get the complimentary tea.

Antalya Restaurant offers a chance to have Turkish food within the Central London area, in a location neat tourism locations. Their décor gives a good feel of Turkey with its designs and patterns. However comparing the pricing of the food with other Turkish restaurants I’ve been to, I would say this is quite higher up in the market. The food tasted great, except being served stale bread wasn’t a good moment. If your craving for Turkish when in the Russell Square area, this would be good, unless if your willing to travel further out the area.

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