Central London is full of quirky dessert shops ranging from your pop-ups to your chain Snowflakes and Amorinos. There is one dessert store called Dyce located near Bond Street which provides a fully customisable dessert order, starting from your dessert base, right down to the toppings, ice cream flavour and extras. Dyce also does bubble tea and milkshakes to accompany your sweet tooth.

  • Food - 7/10
  • Ambiance - 7/10
  • Service - 7/10
  • Value for Money - 7/10


A dessert parlour serving up customisable desserts from doughnuts to cookies, from ice cream to milkshakes. Give this place a try if in central!

Website: https://www.dycelondon.com/
Price Range: £
Telephone: 020 3935 6393
Address: 27 James St, Marylebone, London W1U 1DX
Nearest Station: Bond Street

The décor involves a mixture of teal, peach and white colours decorated on floors, walls, and ceilings. With limited seating space, the store does get packed very easily. There is some seating space with some benches but grab em fast!

Dyce Interior
Dyce Interior

My girlfriend and I were craving cookie dough so we chose two desserts with the cookie dough base, although they also do doughnut, brownie and baklava (too much to crave from!). I ordered my cookie dough with vanilla ice cream, oreo biscuits and chocolate chips as additional toppings. My girlfriend ordered her cookie dough base with pistachio ice cream and smarties as her additional topping. There are other toppings and ice cream flavours available, just have a look at the menu and feel daring.

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With fast service, our desserts were made within a matter of minutes and come topped with a store-branded circle wafer in a square open box lid. Starting with the look of the desserts, they were presented nicely with the ice cream not tipping off the cookie dough. It was, however, difficult to eat with a small plastic spoon on a cardboard box with limited seating available.

The taste of the cookie doughs was great, but not compared to others I have had before. The cookie dough base wasn’t hot nor soft, and with the plastic spoon, it was quite difficult to break into. Luckily we managed to find a table and were able to rest our box lids on a surface. As the order was customised by me, I knew oreo and chocolate chips with vanilla ice cream would be great as its basic cookies ‘n’ cream. The other order was a cookie dough with pistachio and smarties and tasted a bit odd, but my girlfriend liked it.

Overall the dessert place is a different atmosphere from your usual central London based places. If your craving dessert and fancy being adventurous and creating your own, by all means, this is somewhere to check out. Coupled with milkshakes and bubble tea, Dyce is a place which can mass appeal to the market.

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