Located on Maiden Lane, a street renowned to most Londoners as a go-to place when seeking for great food and drink. The Fire & Stone restaurant is nestled in this vibrant area offering an excellent and unique choice of pizzas. A group of eight of us, initially went there to just enjoy their cuisine but we ended up staying until closing, thanks to their alluring cocktail menu!

  • Food - 7/10
  • Ambiance - 8/10
  • Service - 8/10
  • Value for Money - 7/10


Fire & Stone has always been a firm favourite of mine. It offers a plethora of great tasting pizzas, with worldwide influences at great value for money. (Available on Tastecard).

Website: www.fireandstone.com
Price Range: ££
Telephone: 020 7632 2084
Address: 31/32 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, WC2E 7JS
Nearest Station: Covent Garden

The Starter

As you may tell from my previous posts, I am quite a big fan of Chicken (Wings in particular). So I ordered the 20 piece BBQ Chicken to share…(for the most part anyway). If your not a big fan of BBQ sauce, the wings can be ordered with Hot Sauce instead and is always served with a Blue Cheese Dip. The wings were highly appetizing, with each wing tender as the next and smothered with BBQ sauce.

BBQ Chicken Wings
BBQ Chicken Wings

The Main

One of my favourite things about Fire & Stone is there unique and interesting take on Pizza toppings. Instead of the typical Maggeritta, Pepperoni and Hawaiin Pizzas we have all come to expect from the majority of pizza places. Fire & Stone take the unusual approach of creating a pizza from a city/country of influence. For example, you could order the ‘London’ Pizza, where you will find a cumberland sausage and streaks of bacon as your toppings, or you could order the ‘Peking’ pizza where you will find shredded duck and spring onions. An excellent and winning idea!

For my order, I opted for the ‘Mumbai’ pizza, which is served with two naan (pizza) bases with chicken, red onions, chillies and spinach as the toppings. The pizza also comes with a side of poppadoms with a Mango & Chutney and Tzatiki dip.
Unfortunately, this pizza fell a bit flat for me. The Naan base, which I understood was an excellent gimmick for an Indian influenced pizza, was a major disappointment. The bread tasted stale and really didn’t infuse well with the topping at all (unlike a regular pizza base). The toppings itself I have no complaints over and I am sure the pizza would do well if it were on another base. But sadly, I would be reluctant to order this choice again with its current set up.

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The side of Poppadoms added insult to injury. They were highly stale and lacked the tantalising crunch I love from a good Poppadom. When a Poppodom can bend but not crack – you know its game over!

This particular food experience was a great shame, as I have visited Fire & Stone on many occasions and would otherwise highly rate the food they serve. I have taken these past experience into account which is my reasoning for a food rating of 7/10. But, please note it would have scored higher, if it wasn’t for this particular experience.

It’s not just Pizza’s this place serves, my friends ordered The Classic and London Burgers which both went down really well. The London Burger is similar to Classic but with the added toppings of bacon, cheddar cheese and a fried egg!

The restaurant itself is highly spacious and has a vibrant atmosphere to match that of Maiden Lane. A great choice for large (as well as small) group gatherings as the waiting staff are polite and very efficient. In past experiences, I have requested if our food could be served as quickly as possible as I had a show to see that evening and so far they have always delivered without compromising on quality.

The restaurant also sports a bar too, so they do offer a drinks menu if you are interested. We walked in during their 2-4-1 happy hour deal on cocktails so we ordered several great-tasting Long Island Ice Teas, which rounded off the evening on an enjoyable note.

Long Island Ice Tea Cocktail
Long Island Ice Tea Cocktail

The evening was spent on TasteCard which allows six dinners per card, giving you a 50% discount off the food bill. An average pizza normally costs around the £12 mark, which becomes £6 on the TasteCard discount. With or without the discount, this place does offer great value for money and food particularly given its central location.
I look forward to my next visit!!!

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