Green Lanes is an area full of Turkish restaurants all serving up amazing food with affordable prices. With so many to choose from, my friends and I chose a place we haven’t been to and then ended up at the Hala Restaurant.

  • Food - 8/10
  • Ambiance - 8.5/10
  • Service - 7.5/10
  • Value for Money - 8/10


Within the Green Lanes area, Hala is one of many Turkish restaurants offering amazing food.

Price Range: ££
Telephone: 020 8802 4883
Address: 29-30 Grand Parade, Harringay, London N4 1LG, United Kingdom
Nearest Station: Manor House

With a simple name and logo, the restaurant is one that stands out on the street within the night.  Upon entering we were seated straight away within the centre of the restaurant. The décor consists of high ceilings with roped lights and cut out panels with the restaurant logo used as the design. As we started looking through the menu, the restaurant was gathering more and more people.

Hala Restaurant Interior
Hala Restaurant Interior

Turkish food specialises in a wide range of food from the cold and hot starters to the different types of kebabs and shishes. We all glanced at the Hala specials….and chose the Hala Restaurant Special 1.


The starters within this platter included: Hummus (Crushed chickpeas), Kisir (Bulgur with tomato paste), Saksuka (Sautéed aubergine with tomato sauce) and Ispanak Tarator (Spinach in yoghurt).

Hala Special Platter - Starters
Hala Special Platter – Starters

Served superbly on a wooden plate, the starters were accompanied with hot and soft Turkish bread. All starters tasted amazing, with my favourite being the hummus. The Ispanak Tarator worked well with bread, however, I’m not too fond of having too much yoghurt. The Kisir and Saksuka were the first time I was trying them as starters. If anything, the Kisir tasted like the bulgur provided as mains and didn’t really see it as a starter. The Saksuka worked well with the tomato sauce. Alongside these starters, we were also given free condiments with garlic mayo and chilli sauce.


Turkish platters come with a whole dozen of different foods, all served on a large plate to be shared between people. Within this platter we received:

  • Lamb Shish (5pcs);
  • Chicken Shish (5pcs);
  • Adana Kebab (2pcs);
  • Lamb Rib’s (8 pcs);
  • Grilled Kofte (2 pcs);
  • Chicken Kofte (2 pcs);
  • Chicken Wings (8 pcs);
  • Rice;
  • Bulgur.
Hala Special Platter - Mains
Hala Special Platter – Mains

The variety of food given is astounding with different types of chicken and lamb all bedded over sliced bread and a large portion of mixed rice and bulgur. Being a person who doesn’t like having meat, I opted to take chicken while my friends took the lamb.

The chicken shish is a standard favourite of mine when it comes to Turkish food and I found absolutely no faults in Hala’s serving. The chicken kofte was also tasteful alongside the chicken wings. My friends found the lamb to be wonderful as they had so many options to eat from. Not one complaint was given by them, other than them arguing over how to split.     


After finishing up the platter, we weren’t too hungry for desserts. Hala serves several different desserts including homemade cakes and the traditional baklava and kunefe. However, if you’ve been to Turkish restaurants before, their hospitality doesn’t just end once you’ve finished your mains. Turkish tea and baklava for the table can be offered, all for free.

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Can you fault on free food? Of course, you can’t! Turkish tea is never an option to say no to, neither is baklava, both of which tasted wonderful for finishing off the night.  

Hala is just one of many Turkish restaurants within the Green Lanes area and is within the same league as the others. With great service and hospitality, coupled with amazing food and decor, Hala would be recommended for a family evening night out.

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