Burger restaurants are everywhere within central London, cooking up a freshly grilled chicken burger alongside a portion of chips. We found one restaurant situated from a short walk off Chinatown, halal too, called Mr Ji. The shortest name for a restaurant however how often does someone come across a Taiwanese place?

  • Food - 7/10
  • Ambiance - 6/10
  • Service - 7/10
  • Value for Money - 8/10


Looking for a quirky restaurant with fried chicken within Soho? Mr Ji is a place to go for that fresh Taiwanese chicken!

Website: https://twitter.com/mrjirestaurants?lang=en
Price Range: ££
Telephone: 0207 052 5770
Address: 72 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4UN
Nearest Station: Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus

Central London ranges in a variety of cuisines and restaurants, most of which can be chains found across the United Kingdom. Mr Ji is a Taiwanese restaurant serving up chicken in exotic flavours in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re feeling peckish for a burger, or you’re a person who likes chicken on a bone, Mr Ji caters for it all! Ohh it even has boneless for them people who do not like bones…. like me.

Starting off as a pop-up store in Camden in 2017, Mr Ji was successful enough to purchase a space in the bustling streets of Soho. Known for its fabulous tourism locations near to theatreland (Leicester Square) and Chinatown and situated centrally across several train stations, this is the perfect spot to attract all sorts of customers.

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The restaurant involves a canteen-style aesthetic with benches and stools and some booths. The décor has a plain woodchip style wallpapering with mandarin Chinese advertising and branding with full lighting.


We did not order any starters as we went straight for mains and sides. Choosing from a very small menu my girlfriend and I both ordered the Ji Baos which are basically friend chicken thigh sliders in bao buns. Mr JI has a deal of £12 for 3 sliders or £4.50 each. Coming in three flavours, sweet chilli, hot sauce and kimchi and garlic & coriander, we both ordered all three flavours. We also ordered fries with two different sauces, garlic & coriander and spicy mayo.

Spicy Chilli, Hot Sauce/Kimchi, Garlic/Coriander
Spicy Chilli, Hot Sauce/Kimchi, Garlic/Coriander

The food came within a matter of minutes presented on a plastic tray. Starting with the fries, the fries were potato cut fries with amazing seasoning. Even without the sauces, they tasted great. Crispy with flavour. The small burgers came packaged within plastic wrapping with labels attached to identify which is which. The bao buns are something new we both have not had as we usually come across sesame seed or brioche buns. Starting with the sweet chilli, the slider was decent tasting with quite a strong sweet taste. The kimchi flavoured burger had actual kimchi, and I liked it. Not the type of person to try these sorts of new things, kimchi actually tasted good with the chicken in a burger. The third burger was garlic & coriander and tasted very saucy with this being the messiest of all burgers.

We were going to order doughnuts, however, I wasn’t fond of the sweet potato and ginger flavour.

Overall Mr Ji is a different type of restaurant you will dine into and fits within Soho as a quirky place to visit. Serving up a rare delicacy of Taiwanese chicken, Mi Ji would be worth visiting as they do more than just Ji Baos, as there is also chicken wings and boneless chicken.

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