Me and my partner were feeling like eating some Great British Fish and Chips, we were in the Soho area at the time so decided to go for Poppies. I have heard a lot of good things about Poppies so  was excited to give them a try, especially as I hadn’t had Fish and Chips for a while, so we made our way there.

  • Food - 8/10
  • Ambiance - 8/10
  • Service - 8.5/10
  • Value for money - 7/10


A very tasty Fish and Chips, however quite pricey for what it is. Despite the price I think it is worth trying :).

Price Range: ££
Address: 55-59 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 6HW
Telephone: 020 7734 4845
Nearest Station: Leicester Square

Poppies Exterior


There were quite a few choices for starters, from calamari to Jellied Eels however we went for the Whitebait. I wasn’t feeling daring enough to try the Jellied Eels but it is definitely something on my foodie list to try and we were not hungry enough to go for the seafood platter, but as my partner hadn’t had Whitebait for a while we decided on that.

Whitebait (£4.95)

The Whitebait came accompanied with a Lemon Slice and Tartare Sauce.It was a decent portion for a starter, definitely enough for the both of us, the Whitebait cost £4.95 which we found quite food for the portion.


For the mains I had to go for Fish and Chips! I had the choice of Cod or Haddock but I went for the Cod! A regular cost £13.95 and a large cost £17.95. Quite pricey for Fish and Chips, so it better have been good! I also ordered a gherkin on the side, they also had other Chip Shop favourites such as Pickled Eggs and Pickled Onions. I love Gherkins so it accompanied the food well.  The Fish and Chips were accompanied with a Lemon Slice, Tartare Sauce and Ketchup.The portion was decently sized, definitely enough for me. The chips were classic Chip Shop chips and they were great! No complaints. The star of the show was the fish. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the fish and I really enjoyed the batter of the Cod. I don’t usually have a breadcrumb batter, so it was a pleasant surprise. One of the better batters I have had, it complimented the fish so well! My partner didn’t order Fish and Chips ( she tried some of mine though haha,)she ordered a Saveloy with Chips which she thoroughly enjoyed. I had a taste too and it was a good quality sausage.

Cod and Chips (£13.95)

Overall we had a really good experience, however there was a que (approximately 20 mins) which wasn’t too bad as it was a Saturday evening( around 7:30pm.) It was definitely worth the wait. The food was tasty, and the batter of the fish was so good! It was definitely one of the better Fish and Chips I have had. Despite it being busy the service was very good. The food came out really quickly, and the staff were very attentive.I would definitely recommend the place, it’s in a really busy area of London so be prepared to wait a little! They do have other locations in London to get your fix if necessary though.Unfortunately we did find it a little pricey for Fish and Chips as you can get a decent one around London for half the price, but it was an enjoyable experience and it was worth it.

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