The Scoring System
With so many options available, figuring out where to eat can be tricky. Our aim is to simplify that choice for you. We review dozens of restaurants across a range of cuisines and price points, and benchmark performance against four standardised categories, so that you can make an informed decision and find your perfect meal. Take a look through our reviews and you may even uncover a new hidden gem!

What our review scores mean
Food: arguably the most important score, taking into account the quality, presentation, and taste of the meal. Here we look at freshness, the grade of the ingredients used, and the flavours they invoke.

Ambience: atmosphere matters, and this category takes into account the vibe, decor and environment of the establishment. There can be variance here, as the ambience within a fast food joint is likely to be different versus a typical sit-down meal.

Service: staff can make a big difference to your experience, and this category considers their attentiveness and level of customer service (if something goes wrong, how do they react?).

Value for Money: this is all about economics! Was the portion size representative of the price? Did the meal and experience reflect the standing of the establishment (high street chain versus bespoke West End restaurant?). How does it compare against other restaurants of a similar price and quality?

What’s more, there are four of us over here at Planandeat! We all have our individual preferences and tastes, but that comes with expertise too. So if you ever want to know the best burger joints, check out Emir’s reviews; for dessert it’s Zahid, for bubble tea it’s Bryan and for bargains check out Kozan.