My friend recommended Pizza Union to me, and I have heard good things about this place previously (it’s cheap :P) so I had to give it a try. It is much cheaper in comparison to its competitors and it had a decent menu so me and the lads decided to dine here one evening.

  • Food - 7/10
  • Ambiance - 8/10
  • Service - 7/10
  • Value for money - 9/10


A great place to get a good cheap bite. I definitely recommend!

Price Range: £
Address: 25 Sandy’s Row, Spitalfields, London E1 7HW
Telephone: 020 7247 5116
Nearest Station: Liverpool Street

Pizza Union Interior

The Pizza Union we decided to visit was the Spitalfields branch, it was a good location and was very close to Liverpool Street Station. However they do have another 3 branches in London so it is quite accessible.  The interior was quite spacious, and it wasn’t too busy at the time we visited so all was good. We found our own table, which have menus on them and we order at the counter.


There was a decent variety of drinks to choose from at this place, from coffee, tea, soft drinks and various alcoholic beverages. I was delighted to see cocktails on the menu as I am a big fan on them so had to go for one, especially as they were really cheap! I went for the Frozen Raspberry Mojito, as it was a hot day it definitely cooled me down. The cocktails varied in prices from £2.50-£3.80, mine was £3.50.It wasn’t a massive cocktail but was definitely enough for me and very refreshing. It contained Rum, Raspberry and Mint.

Raspberry Mojito (£3.50)


There were around 16 varieties of “Superfast” 12 inch Pizzas for me to choose from as well as 3 salads but I was always going to get a pizza. They had a decent selection including a few vegetarian options and one vegan option.  The prices of Pizzas ranged from £3.95-£6.50. After some deliberation I decided to go for the “Giardino” Pizza. This Pizza came with Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Mixed Peppers, Onions, Courgettes, Green Chillies and Cracked Chillies. As a spice lover the Chillies tempted me! I also ordered a dip for 50p, they had a choice of three dips (Garlic Herb, Hot Chilli or Parmesan.) Of course I went for the Hot Chilli :DSo the food came around very quickly and was quite tasty. Nothing too special but definitely filled me up and was a great choice. The Hot Chilli Sauce did have a decent kick to it and paired with the Pizza well.

Giardino Pizza (£5.95)

Overall I have to say this was a great experience here at Pizza Union. It was a very good location; only about a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Street Station. Inside the ambience was good and the service was super fast! It was easy to understand how the process worked, and the menu was not complicated at all. Pizza Union has an order at the counter service so you pay straight away. It was quite spacious in here too, and if you are dining alone this is a good place to come as you can dine in peace. Furthermore as I mentioned several times in this article, it’s so cheap! So definitely a must go to place if needing something cheap, quick and enjoyable.

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