My girlfriend and I were in the central London area and were looking around for Indian food. With several different cuisines available across central, low and behold we came across Roti Chai, located very near to the infamous Selfridges!

  • Food - 8/10
  • Ambiance - 8.5/10
  • Service - 7/10
  • Value for Money - 8/10


If looking for an Indian dining room experience in central London, Roti Chai is your place to be.

Price Range: ££
Telephone: 020 7408 0101
Address: 3 Portman Mews S, Marylebone, London W1H 6AY
Nearest Station: Marble Arch

With two floors serving different types of food, which includes street food on the ground floor and more romantic experience in the Dining Room, we opted for the Dining Room area. The Dining Room serves a different variety of food compared to its street food; though the biggest difference in the food is that that it is catered to be eaten with portions made for each person. Click here to view the Street Food review.

Starters and Drinks

No dining room experience would be set without a candlelight table and special drinks! We ordered the Wild Berries which contained raspberries, blueberries and an Orange Blush which consists of orange, mango and a pomegranate shot. The pomegranate shot is added in front of you and adds vibrant colour to your drink.

Wild Berries & Orange Blush Mocktails
Wild Berries & Orange Blush Mocktails

For starters, we ordered the Gilafi Seekh Kebab which came with complimentary mint sauce. The kebab was very soft and tasted amazing. I’m generally don’t eat lamb, however, sheek kebabs are one of those foods which you can never say no to. The mint sauce adds extra flavour to the starter and provides a way of cooling down the spice and giving that tingling sensation on your tongue.

Gilafi Seekh Kebab
Gilafi Seekh Kebab


I ordered my usual Butter Chicken, which is a standard dish found within all restaurants containing chicken marinated in a tomato-based sauce. My girlfriend wanted to try something different, so she went for the Punjabi Duo, which is a vegetarian dish of chickpeas and potatoes with cauliflower.

To accompany the mains we also ordered basmati rice and the roti bread selection, a variety of different naans. As this was Indian food, we chose to order both sides so we can get a feel of how the food would taste with rice and bread.

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The food came in a reasonable amount of time, so what did we both do, we decided to share and try a bit of each food. The Butter Chicken was very soft and tender, and the curry worked very well with rice and roti. Butter chicken generally has a very minimal spice, so this dish is a safe option to get if afraid. I don’t tend to go for vegetable mains at Indian restaurants as I prefer them more as starters, but I tried the Punjabi Duo along with the rice and roti. The chickpea dish worked well when eating with the butter chicken and rice, and the cauliflower worked better with the roti. As a vegetarian dish, it was very flavoursome and a perfect dish for any vegetarian eater.


No dining room experience would be finished without a three-course meal. For desserts, we noticed a very peculiar dessert called Gulab Jamun Custard Tart and we had to just order! It took a while to come to our table, but in that time, we contemplated what this dessert could be…is it a gulab jamun served with a custard tart? A custard tart with a gulab jamun on top?

Gulab Jamun Custard Tart
Gulab Jamun Custard Tart

The dessert was served as a slice of a custard tart with gulab jamuns infused inside and berries to accompany. This was something we had never seen and were amazed by this view. Dipping into this, the tart was soft to break into and tasted incredible. This combination worked extremely well and will definitely return back to try this again.

The dining room experience certainly lives up to its name. With an atmosphere to serve a candlelit dinner, accompanied by tasteful food and drinks, Roti Chai is recommended place to visit if in the central area of London or are on the way to visiting the theatre.

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