There aren’t too many authentic Malay restaurants in London, so as soon as I heard about this place I had to go. I have been recommended this restaurant several times and as I was in the Euston area I thought this would be a great time to try it! I have passed this place multiple times in the past there is always a queue and today was no different. We decided to wait in line, it was approximately a 30 minute wait. It was a Saturday early evening so that wasn’t too bad of a wait for us. I did previously try to come to this restaurant but the queue was twice the length and was pouring with rain but this time the weather blessed us with no rain.

  • Food - 8.5/10
  • Ambiance - 7/10
  • Service - 7.5/10
  • Value for money - 9/10


A cosy restaurant with good authentic food.
Price Range : ££
Telephone: 020 7387 2518
Address: Roti King, 40 Doric Way, Euston London, United Kingdom
Nearest Station: Euston


There was a good variety of drinks that are popular in Malaysia here including one of my fave drinks Milo. But today I had to go for Teh Tarik (Cold) which was £3.20. Teh Tarik is basically Tea with Condensed Milk, a simple yet tasty drink. They also have a decent variety of other teas such as Lemon tea, Green tea, Jasmine Tea etc. 

Cold Teh Tarik (£3.20)


We couldn’t come to Roti King without having Roti right? They have the choice of Roti with many Curries and fillings so definitely a lot of Roti to choose from. We went for the Roti Canai Special(£6.50), where we could pick one of three types of curries to have with the Roti. We went for the Lamb, but could have chosen Chicken or Fish as well.

Roti Canai Special with Lamb Curry(£6.50)


For mains I was in the mood for some Laksa! Kari Laksa (£7.50) is basically a coconutty curry broth with noodles, here the Kari Laksa comes with Seafood and Chicken. The Laksa was very flavourful and was definitely a great choice. The weather was quite cold outside so this definitely helped warm me up! My partner went for the Nasi Goreng(£7.00), which is the Malay version of Fried Rice which came with Chicken and Seafood. It also came with some Sambal on the side which is a type of Chilli Sauce which was spicy and delicious.  

Kari Laksa (£7.00)
Kari Laksa(£7.50), Roti Canai Special with Lamb Curry(£6.50)and a slightly eaten Nasi Goreng(£7.00) 😛

We didn’t go for any Desserts however they did have an appetising selection of Sweet Roti choices, but we were not hungry enough. 

Overall we really enjoyed the food and the experience. The restaurant is quite small so be prepared to wait for a while. The wait is definitely worth it. When inside there were a lot of 4 seat tables and no 2 seaters, so if you go as a two be prepared to share a table. We had to share a table with another couple which we personally didn’t mind but don’t expect to get your own table if you are dining alone or as a pair. The service was very quick and prompt so was extremely efficient. The staff were friendly and communicated to us politely. The food was great, the service was great so nothing really to complain about, we really recommend it here.

Roti King Exterior
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